Aeroquip 3200 Series Self-Sealing Quick Disconnects

Eaton’s Aeroquip® Brand 3200 Series Self-Sealing Coupling is a reliable quick disconnect for 3000 psi (2068.42 kPa) aircraft and missile applications and wherever a fast, safe connection is needed in 3000 psi (2068.42 kPa) hydraulic systems. There is no stable, partially connected position permitting fluid to flow. 3200 Series couplings connect and disconnect with one hand in a single, easy motion. A visual check to verify positive connection is provided by a contrasting color on the locking hex. The positive thread action of the nut provides a mechanical advantage permitting connection against line pressures up to 60 psi (413.68 kPa). 

Specifications Aeroquip 3200 Series Self-Sealing Quick Disconnect Datasheet
  • Excludes Air, Dirt, Moisture— no cavity to trap air, dirt,or moisture.
  • No Fluid Loss —during connection ordisconnection
  • Positive Action — valvesopen simultaneously withthe locking action. Thereis no stable intermediateposition where thecoupling is partially openand unlocked.
  • Quick Connecting — easilyconnects with one hand;disconnects with a straightpull on the union nut
  • Simple Construction —only thirteen parts plus“O” rings and PTFEback-up rings. No delicateFor Hydraulic Applications mechanisms to malfunction.

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