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Recently California has taken drastic steps to fight the COVID-19 virus and have required most citizens to 'shelter in place'. At the same time, the DoD has required 'Essential businesses' to remain open, with full staffing. Herber Aircraft falls under this category, and while we have many employees now working remotely, we are open with our normal business hours, continuing to fulfill our customers ongoing needs, including yours.

If you have any questions, concerns, requests for orders or need assistance please contact us and we will get back to you at our earliest opportunity. Thank you for your understanding.
Stay safe and healthy,
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Herber Aircraft Service

Parts Supplier for Aviation, Military, and Aerospace Applications

Rapid supplier of wire and hard tube harnesses, Eaton hoses, Glenolden commercial helicopter products; Rynglok products; LORD mounts; Marman clamps; Stanley Aviation products including Stanley Aurora and Sierracin-Harrison; Flexfab ducting and heater hoses; Thermoid hoses; Gamah coupling; Harrison hydraulic fittings; K-Seals; and many other fine products.

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Herber Aircraft is proud to announce we are now the distributor of Eaton Tedeco Industrial Products

Herber Aircraft is proud to announce we are now the distributor of Eaton Tedeco Industrial Products

Eaton Tedeco designs and manufactures a line of Industrial products for equipment using lubricating, hydraulic or processing fluids. The products are designed for mobile equipment, construction machinery, military vehicles, marine drives, mining devices and oil and chemical processing plants. More information and product details...

Sales Team

Herber Outside Sales Team Announces HerberConnects Virtual Lunch & learn

Want to hear about our latest Products, Repairs and Services and take a break from the daily Covid-19 grind? Herber’s Outside Sales team is excited to announce HerberConnects Virtual Lunch & learn. Click here to fill out a request form and enter "HerberConnects" in Message area and our local Sales Manager will contact you.

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