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Why Choose Herber Aircraft

Herber Aircraft is a rapid supplier of:

  • Wire and hard tube harnesses
  • Eaton hoses
  • Glenolden commercial helicopter products
  • Rynglok products
  • LORD mounts
  • Marman clamps
  • Stanley Aviation products including Stanley Aurora and Sierracin-Harrison
  • Flexfab ducting and heater hoses
  • Thermoid hoses
  • Gamah coupling
  • Harrison hydraulic fittings
  • K-Seals
  • and many other fine products

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  • Commercial Aviation
  • Business Aviation
  • General Aviation
  • Helicopters
  • Industrial
  • Space
  • Military
  • Autonomous
  • Aeroderivative

Eaton Fluid and Electrical Distribution Products

Herber Aircraft is the premier distributor of Eaton Aeroquip® brand products in the world. Eaton Aeroquip brand offers the finest Eaton Aeroquip hose assemblies and clamps for aerospace and industrial applications. As Eaton distributors, we provide Eaton Aeroquip brand aerospace and industrial products, fittings, couplings, Marman® clamps, and Rynglok® hydraulic repair systems.
  • FAA/Eaton Aeroquip brand-approved hose production facility and FAA/EASA-approved repair station.
  • Large inventory of FAA hose assemblies, bulk hoses and fittings, quick-disconnect couplings and swivel joints, and firesleeves and chafeguards.
  • World-wide distributor of Eaton Hose Shop Equipment and Tooling.
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Herber Wire and Tube Harnesses

Herber Aircraft Service has over 35 years of expertise in Wire Harness repairs and are FAA-approved to manufacture and overhaul harnesses for most commercial aircraft engine manufacturers, including Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, IAE, Rolls Royce and CFMI.
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Substantial savings over purchasing new harness (typically 60% of OEM price)
  • Replacements parts comparable or better than OEM
  • Superior service life — longer repair/replacement interval
  • Low BER rate (less than 2%)
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LORD Shock & Vibration Control Products

LORD is a world leader in applying advanced technology to solve the complex problems of vibration, shock, motion, & noise control for the aviation industry. As a premier distributor of LORD products, Herber Aircraft offers an unsurpassed inventory of LORD products for commercial airlines, commuter aircraft, and General Aviation industry.
  • LORD products provide aircraft reliability, maintainability, and passenger comfort by controlling vibration, shock, motion, and noise transmission
  • Provider of LORD fluid-free shimmy dampers for Cessna, Piper and Beech aircraft
  • Herber offers unmatched comprehensive service for LORD products, from purchase to support
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Aircraft Maintenance: Healthy Hoses

Checkout the latest news Article on
AOPA featuring Herber Aircraft
for some important tips on
choosing flexible hoses for
your aircraft. Read more..


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Quality without Compromise

Herber Aircraft is constantly evolving
with Aerospace Industry’s stringent
requirements. While focusing on continual
process improvements, we maintain the
highest Quality standards. Read more..


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Leading Aerospace Parts Supplier

Herber Aircraft takes pride in only partnering
with a limited number of manufacturers, so
we can focus on providing our customers
with the resources and product expertise they
require and deserve. Read more..

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