Herber Aircraft Service can supply parts for all of the following cage codes:
Herber Aircraft Service 5S077
Hoses, Couplings 00624
Clamps 8W928
Stanley Aviation Sierracin-Harrison 08199
Stanley Aviation Aurora 08118
Glenolden, PA (USA) Plant 97484
Bethel, CT (USA) Plant 02750
Perkin Elmer 16780
Euclid, OH (USA) Plant 59875
Tijuana, Mexico SDE34
Jackson, MI (USA) Plant 00624
Beltsville, MD (USA) Plant 15284
Warwick, RI (USA) Plant 77842
Toccoa, GA (USA) Plant 8W928
Redditch, England Plant U2569
Serres-Castet, France Plant FA9C4
Ciognieres, France Plant F0562
Gilching, Germany Plant C2178
LORD Corporation 76005
FlexFab 16632
HBD/Thermoid 98891
Eaton Hydraulic
Industrial 01276

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