Eaton AS7510 Joint System Coupling

Designed for aircraft and engine fluid systems, the AS7510 flexible joint system connects adjacent low pressure fluid tubes by enclosing a sleeve, O-rings, and fixedcavity ferrules. This effectively creates a pressure seal and an electrical continuity path to the sleeve and each of the adjacent ferrules. Each flexible joint system consists of a coupling, two ferrules, a sleeve and two O-ring seals. The system is designed for ducting tube sizes 0.5” to 4.0” and operates within the temperature range of -65 to +265°F (-53 to 129°C) at 130 psi (896 kPa). Eaton’s products are the basis for the AS751 

Specifications Eaton AS7510 Joint System Coupling Datasheet
  • Allows four degrees of angulation per joint
  • Fuel ignition prevention and structural redundancies compliant with FAR 25.981
  • Lightning qualified
  • Lightweight, flexible coupling is ideal for aerospace fuel systems
  • No installation tooling required
  • Qualified for various aircraft system loads: shear, tension and dynamic (see AS7510 for specifics)

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