Eaton Gamah PositiveLok Couplings

Eaton’s Gamah PositiveLok couplings are ideal lightweight flexible couplings for aerospace fuel and environmental control systems and are available in alluminum, stainless steel and titanium. With proper seal selection, the Gamah PositiveLok coupling is well suited for use in fluid systems ranging in temperature from -65 to +700°F (-53.8°C to 371.1°C). The Gamah PositiveLok coupling engages automatically only when the nut and coupler are properly assembled which leads to simple, quick and reliable visual inspection. The innovative “Indicator Stripe” is a vivid contrasting color around the circumference of the coupling. The stripe is highly visible until it is assembled and the positive locking ring snaps into place. 

Specifications Eaton Gamah PositiveLok Couplings Datasheet
  • Designed to mate with all Gamah and other aerospace standard flanges, (AS1650, AS1710, etc.)
  • Eliminates improper installation and in-service uncoupling.
  • Positive, self-locking featureeliminates the need for lockwire,thread locking inserts, andconventional electrical bondinghardware.
  • Reduces installation time and production labor costs.
  • Visual, audible and tactile feedback of correct installation

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