Eaton Gamah Couplings

Eaton’s Gamah threadless couplings are ideal lightweight flexible couplings for aerospace fuel, environmental control, water, waste and oxygen systems and are available in various metallic and composite materials. With proper seal selection, the Gamah threadless coupling is well suited for use in fluid systems ranging in temperature from -65°F to +375°F (-53.8°C to 195°C) for metallic assemblies and -65°F to +200°F (-53.8°C to 93.3°C) for composite assemblies.

Specifications Gamah Couplings Datasheet
  • 90% of couplings are utilized in either fuel or air systems
  • Active aircraft applications include C17, MH53, UH60, S-76, DC-10, MD-80, MD11, CH47, GIII, GIV, F14, F16, A6, B2, all Airbus aircraft models, SA2 Citation, EMB110, 120, 312 and AMX
  • Other applications include the LCAC landing craft, environmental control systems on numerous aircraft and turbine engine lubrication/oil lines for use on land, sea and aircraft

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