Ultra-Mate Push Pull

Eaton’s Aeroquip Ultra-Mate couplings are a new generation of self-seal, self-locking, push-pull couplings. They allow quick and easy connection and disconnection of fuel, lube oil, coolant and hydraulic lines for civil and military aircraft as well as ground vehicle applications. The Ultra-Mate coupling is a self-sealing, self-locking coupling that allows for quick and easy connection and disconnection of fluid lines. The patented push-pull design features a positive pull-home sleeve, tactile locking pins, and a soft seal tubular valve.

Specifications Ultra-Mate Push Pull Couplings Datasheet
  • Automatic Pull-Home Valve Sleeve
  • Self-Seal, Self-Locking Couplings
  • Tactile Locking Pins
  • The Ultimate in Push-Pull Couplings
  • Vacuum to 5000 psi

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