Aeroquip 3900 Series Quick Disconnect Couplings

Eaton’s Aeroquip 3900 Series Coupling is a self-sealing, quick-disconnect coupling specifically designed for maximum reliability and safety when used with normally hard-to-handle fluids. It eliminates spillage, leakage or spraying during connection and disconnection by employing a unique mechanically actuated sleeve. This sleeve overcomes the usual limitation of dynamic reciprocating seals used with low lubricity fluids. 

Specifications Aeroquip 3900 Series Quick Disconnect Couplings Datasheet
  • Easily adapted to remote operation
  • Lowest pressure loss(only 1.5 psi [10.3 kPa]@ 6 gpm [22.7 lpm]) -8 size
  • Minimum air inclusionand fluid loss
  • Non-spill – no spray design
  • Positive valve operation
  • Push-Pull operation

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