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Legacy PerkinElmer Products

Herber is a supplier of legacy PerkinElmer products which include Eaton mechanical seals, joints, and bellows.

Mechanical Seals

Seals prevent the leakage of a gas or liquid. Eaton seals are divided into three different categories.

  • Static Seals: Used between surfaces which have little or no movement relative to one another.
  • Dynamic Seals: Used between surfaces that have relative movement, i.e. the movement of the shaft relative to a housing.
  • Semi-Static Seals: These fall in between the categories of Static Seals and Dynamic Seals. They are designed to accommodate the limited movement of the surfaces being sealed, i.e. due to pressure and/or thermal cycling.

Centurion ™ Brand Seals

  • 700 Series Mechanical Seals
  • Face-Type Seals
  • 800 Series Mechanical Seals
  • 1200 Series Circumferential Segmented Seals
  • 1900 Series Brush Seals
  • 1300 Series Clearance Seals


  • Link Joints: Provide a low profile means to angular deflection in high pressure tension type ducting systems. The “chain link” center pivot permits angular movement while providing joint end load restraint.
  • Gimbal Joints: Used in high pressure bleed air systems. They provide flexibility without compromising weight or pressure drop. They are small and can be installed in series to provide complete motion compensation.
  • Universal Joints: Provides very low pressure drop because the integral gimbal system is on the outside of the bellows. Used in tension type bleed air ducting systems and protects the bellows from external damage and high end loading in applications with low banding movements.
  • Ball Joints: Allows for angular deflection in tension type duct systems. The ball and socket acts as a backup seal in the unlikely event of a bellows failure.
  • Slide Joints: Accommodates axial travel and angular deflection with minimal pressure drop. They are ideal in systems which are subject to high temperatures and surge pressures.
  • Slip-Flex Joints: Designed to accommodate all types of motion requirements in a compression system. This joint is low-profile, light weight, and flexible. It allows for angular deflection, lateral offset, axial motion, and 360 degree rotation with minimal leakage rates.


Bellows are the primary component of all zero leakage flexible joints. Eaton’s bellows are made from multi-ply, thin-wall tubing to offer the highest strength and durability while maintaining flexibility. They also make braided bellows which provide integral restraint to prevent overextending without limiting the motion compensation of the bellow.

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