Aeroquip AE246 AE846 AE546 Super Gem Reusable Fittings, Flared

The service proven “super gem” flared fitting provides permanent protection against leakage, even after high temperature aging and pressure impulsing to 250,000 cycles or more. This performance lies in the separation of the sealing function from the retention function. Eaton’s Aeroquip High Pressure “super gem” Reusable Fitting consists of 3 pieces: a socket, sleeve and nipple assembly 

Specifications Aeroquip AE246/AE846/AE546 "super gem” Reusable Fittings, Flared Datasheet

  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Elbow fittings areavailable in standard 45° and90° styles
  • To mate with AS4395 and AS33514 end connections

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