Aeroquip 666/667 Globeseal Flareless Fittings

Eaton's Aeroquip aluminum compression crimp globeseal flareless fitting type mates with MS33656 and MS33514 end connections. In addition, elbow fittings are available in standard 45° and 90° styles. Special elbows, crosses, tees, wyes, adapters, bosses, etc. may be made for custom installations. 

Specifications Aeroquip 666/667 Globeseal™ Flareless Fittings Datasheet

  • Elbow fittings are available in standard 45° and 90° styles
  • To mate with (AS4395) and (AS4375) end connections
  • Unique combination of the “ramped” nipple crimping pattern for superior fitting retention under pressure

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