Aeroquip 666/667 Aluminum Compression Crimp Hose Assemblies

Eaton’s Aeroquip lightweight, low profile aluminum compression crimp fittings are available with Eaton’s 666/667 medium pressure PTFE hoses. This hose/fitting combination has been qualified and approved to MIL-DTL-25579C through -16 size. Eaton’s medium pressure PTFE hoses are widely used in today’s aerospace industry. Hose assemblies with aluminum compression crimp fittings are suitable for temperatures ranging from -65°F to +275°F (-53.8°C to +135°C) with various types of fluids.

Specifications Aeroquip 666/667 Aluminum Compression Hose Assemblies Datasheet
  • Lightweight
  • Pressures up to 1500 psi
  • Temperature range ─ -65°F to +275°F (-54°C to +135ºC)