Aeroquip AE413 Flareless Hose Fitting

Eaton Aeroquip AE413 hose assemblies use two piece fittngs instead of the three-piece fittings used on previous PTFE 4-spiral wire hose assemblies. The flareless fittings in straight, 45º and 90º elbow configurations (in the 1-inch size) of Aeroquip brand AE413 hose are smaller in O.D./length ranging from 20% to 65% compared to previous fittings.The overall weight of the A4313 hose assemblies is substantially reduced due to the simplified construction of the flareless fittings. AE313 flareless fittings have an average weight 30.3% vs. previous flareless fittings. 

Specifications Aeroquip AE413 Flareless Hose Fitting
  • Lighter Weight compared to previous fittings
  • Meets the requirements of AS1339 Rev. B and AS604 Rev. A and fire test requirements of AS1055 Type IIa and 11b Class B, TSO C75 Types IIIA and IIIB
  • Smaller Envelope compared to previous fittings

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