Aeroquip AE246 AE546 AE846 3000 psi PTFE Hose

Eaton’s Aeroquip AE246 PTFE hoses with advanced technol-ogy Hi-Pac® braid reinforcement offer up to 50% lighter in weight. In addition, the Hi-Pac® braid-densely packed small diameter wires absorb stress more uni-formly resulting in a stronger wire braid with less metal.

Specifications Aeroquip AE246/AE846/AE546 - 3000 psi PTFE Hose Datasheet
  • 50% tighter bend radius
  • Considerably smaller envelope size
  • Improved flexing characteristics
  • Pressures up to 3000 psi
  • Temperature range ─-65°F to +450°F(-54°C to +232°C).
  • Up to 50% lighter in weight

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