Aeroquip 303 302A Medium Pressure Hose Flareless Fittings

The basic medium pressure flareless fitting consists of three pieces - the socket, nipple and nut. It is a compression type fitting and conforms to MS24587. The nut and nipple in the -3 through -6 sizes are cadmium plated steel. In all other sizes these parts are aluminum. The sockets for all sizes are aluminum. The fitting is used on Eaton's Aeroquip brand 303 and 302A hoses. 

Specifications Aeroquip 303-302A Medium Pressure Hose Fittings Flareless Datasheet
  • 950532 Assembly
  • All materials and finishes conform to applicable specifications for end fittings used in aircraft fluid systems
  • Globeseal Flareless
  • To mate with MS33514, MS33515, AS33514, AS333515

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