Aeroquip 666/667 Super Gem Hose Assemblies, Swivel Flared to 4-Hole Flange

Eaton's Aeroquip brand 666/667 PTFE hose is constructed with a seamless extruded PTFE resin inner tube. The tube of Aeroquip brand 666 hose is covered with a single layer of type 300 Series stainless steel wire braid. The 667 hose has two layers of this same wire braid. The hose is identified by a white tape showing “Aeroquip 666 or 667- Size”, manufacturer’s code, “MIL-DTL-27267”, operating pressure and lot number.

The “super gem’’ fitting assembled with medium and high pressure PTFE hoses consists of 3 basic parts: the nipple/nut assembly, socket and sleeve. This fitting uses a lip seal on the tube, a metal seal between the nipple and sleeve, and compression between sleeve and socket to effect a grip on the wire. The nipple/nut assembly will be either of aluminum or stainless steel for medium pressure hose and all stainless steel for the high pressure hose. The sleeve will always be stainless steel for both types of hoses.

Specifications Aeroquip 666/667 Super Gem Hose Assemblies, Swivel Flared to 4-Hole Flange Datasheet
  • Conforms to MS8002 in accordance with MIL-DTL-25579
  • Operating temperatures -65° to+450°F (-53°C to +232°C)
  • Pressures up to 1500 psi

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