Aeroquip 3000 psi PTFE Hose Assemblies AE246 AE846 AE546

Eaton’s designed, tested and proved an advanced technology, revolutionary highpressure PTFE hose. Using the most modern methods of wire braiding calculations and hose stress analysis, Eaton developed the Aeroquip AE246 PTFE hose with Hi-Pac® braiding. This wire braid contains densely packed small diameter wires braided over a minimum thickness PTFE tube in such a way that exceptional performance is possible.

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Specifications Aeroquip 3000 psi PTFE Hose Assemblies AE246/AE846/AE546 Datasheet
  • 50% tighter bend radius
  • Considerably smaller envelope size
  • Improved flexing characteristics
  • Pressures up to 3000 psi
  • Temperature range ─ -65°F to +450°F (-54°C to +232°C).
  • Up to 50% lighter in weight