Eaton Zapper System

Eaton’s Tedeco® product line offers the Zapper Electric Chip Detector that incorporates a capacitor circuit that discharges a low energy pulse through the conductive debris bridge, causing enough local heating in the gap to open or disturb the debris material in a manner similar to the blowing of a fuse. If the discharge current reopens the circuit, the "burn-off" event is recorded and the chip detector system is returned to the monitoring mode. If the debris is too large to burn off, it is considered significant and the cockpit light remains illuminated. In this case, the pilot will follow normal precautionary procedures.

Specifications Eaton Zapper System Datasheet
  • Electronic memory of all burn-off events, available maintenance tracking and record keeping
  • Programmable burn-off energy level and alarm threshold values for each chip detector
  • Special outputs for digital avionics bus, flight computer, HUMS, or cockpit multi-function display
  • System built-in test, internal wiring fault monitor and termination check for each chip detector
  • Temperature sensor option for each chip detector provides overtemperature alarm

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