Aircraft Harness Applications - FAA Approved

Herber Aircraft Service is FAA-approved to manufacture and overhaul the harnesses of most commercial aircraft engine manufacturers. Including Pratt & Whitney (PW2000, PW4000, JT8, JT9, JT12), General Electric (CF680A, CF6-80C2, CF6-80E1, GE90, CF34), IAE (V2500), Rolls Royce (RB211-535), and CFMI (CFM56-3, -5A, -5B, -5C, -7B).

Brochure Wire Engine Harness Repairs 
  • Low BER rate (less than 2%)
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Replacements parts comparable or better than OEM
  • Substantial savings over purchasing new harness(typically 60% of OEM price)
  • Superior service life — longer repair/replacement interval

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