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LORD® Shimmy Damper

The LORD fluid-free shimmy damper for Bonanza/Baron aircraft and Piper PA-28 and PA-32 aircraft, provide consistent damping without maintenance. Instead of using fluids to resist motion, this patented technology features a unique rubber formulation with high-tech lubricant to absorb nose wheel vibration.


  • Eliminates cost of maintenance — These shimmy dampers will not leak because there isn’t any hydraulic fluid. This means the dampers do not need to be serviced.
  • 100% compatible — They are form, fit, and function compatible with existing installations, allowing for one-for-one replacement.
  • Long life — Demonstrated performance in excel of 5,000 ground-air-ground duty cycles. This represents a product life of more than 10 years of usage on a typical high-use, single-engine piston airplane.
  • Proven design — The same patented technology has been used since 2000 on LORD shimmy dampers for Cessna aircraft.
  • Wide temperature range — Due to its surface effect design, the shimmy damper’s spring rate, force, and energy dissipation can be precisely controlled over time and with consistent damping from -30 degrees to 150 degrees F with no loss of damping at temperature extremes.

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