Herber Aircraft

LORD® Multiplane Mounts

Standard stock multiplane mounts are recommended for the isolation of vibration. Lightweight and compact, they provide economical protection from lower frequency disturbances regardless of the direction of the forces.

These mounts are available in load ratings from 0.25 to 8 lbs. per unit. When loaded to their capacity, a system natural frequency of approximately 10 Hz results, providing effective isolation in applications where disturbing frequencies are above 20 Hz. The radial stiffness is the same as that in the axial direction.

Multiplane mounts are easy to install. They are available in square or diamond configurations to suit a variety of design requirements. The contour of the flexing element provides uniform stress distribution.

Snubbing washers provide an interlocking system of metal parts which act to prevent damage from overload or excessive shock impact.

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