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LORD® Mounts and Isolators Overview

Herber Aircraft has been selected as the distributor of LORD shock and vibration control products. LORD mounts are of the highest quality and include mounts for commercial, military, and general aviation, as well as mounts for industrial applications.

Herber Aircraft also is a major distributor of LORD fluid-free shimmy dampers for Bonanza, Baron, and Piper aircraft.

The LORD Corporation has an extensive product development group available to design a solution for your shock, vibration, or noise problem. Herber Aircraft Service is the leader in supporting LORD product customers with a large inventory, 24/7 product support, and a design team for individual requirements.

Below is a summary of some of the LORD mounts available from Herber Aircraft. CLICK on the mount category to link to a page with additional information.

Multiplane Mounts

Standard stock multiplane mounts are recommended for the isolation of vibration. Lightweight and compact, they provide economical protection from lower frequency disturbances, regardless of directions of the forces.

Shock Mounts

Low profile avionics mounts set the standard for compact, high-load, high capacity isolators. They are designed to support and protect avionics equipment in all types of aircraft.

Industrial shock mounts are also available from Herber Aircraft.

Plateform Mounts

Standard stock plateform mounts are widely used to efficiently isolate steady-state vibration and control occasional shock. Plateform mounts are available for both aviation and industrial applications.

Pedestal Mounts

Pedestal mounts are designed to protect delicate electronic equipment from damaging shock and vibration. The low-profile design requires a minimum of headroom. These mounts have high damping and a wide operating temperature range.

Aircraft Engine Mounts

LORD mounts for General Aviation have set the standard for elastomeric engine mounts for the past 50 years.

Shipping Container Mounts

LORD shipping container mounts are for fragile, valuable products needing predictable, low to medium-level protection. Bonded elastomeric shipping container mounts are simple, versatile, economical, and easy to install.

Sandwich Mounts

Flexbolt sandwich mounts from LORD are designed to protect equipment and machinery against damaging vibration. This family of mounts has excellent capacity for energy control.

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