Hose Assembly Machine S1416B

Eaton's Aeroquip product line includes the S1416B Hose Assembly Machine, specifically designed to simplify and speed the assembly of Aeroquip rubber hoses with standard screw together reusable fittings.

The S1416B machine can quickly assemble either straight or elbow-type reusable fittings on Aeroquip medium pressure hoses in sizes -3 (3/16") through -32 (2") and high pressure hoses in sizes -4 (1/4") through -16 (1").

Specifications Hose Assembly Machine S1416B
  • 303/302A (-3 through -32)
  • 601/AE701 (-3 through -32)
  • Easy to use for doubleelbow assemblies
  • Rugged and durable for long life
  • Suitable for PTFE hose assemblies

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