Eaton Internal Roller Swage Fittings

Eaton Universal Three-Groove Fittings Internal Swage Sleeve & Unions are high performance and light weight at nominal cost. Eaton’s Three-Groove Sleeve and Union fittings are attached by internally swaging (i.e. expanding) the tubing into annular grooves within the fitting by means of the roller expander. This is a proven technique which has been utilized by the industry for over 25 years. The main swaging element of internally swaged system is the roller expander supported with any of Eaton’s automatic (model 6777, 8777), semi-automatic (model 4777) swaging machines. 

Specifications Eaton Internal Roller Swage Fittings Datasheet
  • Attaches virtually to any tubing material, hardness and thickness with minimum tube end preparation
  • Extensively tested, approved and utilized by major aerospace manufacturers
  • Fast and simple attachment method by using Eaton’s roller swager machine and tooling
  • Fully qualified for 3000 psi operating pressure per AS18280, ISO 7169, AS 4459
  • High performance and light weight at nominal cost
  • Interchangeable with MS21922 sleeve and MS21902 union

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