Thermoid Ducting Herber distributes Cyclone® ducting and Thermoid Aeroduct®. Cyclone ducting is perfect for moving large volumes of hot and cold air at a constant temperature. Applications include: portable blowers and heaters, temporary ship construction ventilation, welding fume removal, and utility manhole ventilation portable heaters. 

Flexfab Ducting Herber also offers Flexfab Lightweight Air Ducting. Because of its light weight and flexibility, this ducting is ideal for environmental control systems (ECS). Available off the shelf or as a custom order, Flexfab lightweight air ducting is offered in silicone or urethane. These materials ensure high resistance to hardening, cracking, stress, aging, and high temperatures. 

Specifications Flexfab Hoses and Ducts,Thermoid Aircraft Ducting
  • Ideal for environmental control systems
  • Lightweight and Flexible

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