Thermoid Ducting for Aircraft

Thermoid® is the leader in ground support hose and ducting products for the commercial airline industry. Herber Aircraft stocks and distributes Thermoid Aeroduct® and Cyclone® ducting, Aeroduct® jet starter hose and scuffer jackets, MIL-DTL-6000C oil and coolant hoses, and Tuftex® or Flexking® lavatory dump hoses.

Aeroduct Ducting

Designed for wire-support aircraft ducting, Aeroduct is suitable for permanent or temporary installations. It is manufactured with fiberglass and impregnated with Neoprene® or silicone rubber compounds, making it ideal for flame-resistant and high-temperature applications. • SCAT ducting – recommended for extremely cold or hot air ducting where temperatures range from -85° to 550°F. • SCEET ducting – recommended for extremely cold or hot air ducting where temperatures range from -80° to 550°F, and for conveying fumes.

Cyclone Ducting

This product is perfect for moving large volumes of hot and cold air at a constant temperature. Applications include: portable blowers and heaters, temporary ship construction ventilation, welding fume removal, and utility manhole ventilation portable heaters. This ducting (type UB1) is factory pre-insulated, flexible, and lightweight. It will not mildew or rot and features an exterior scuff strip to resist abrasion. Retractability is approximately five to one.

Aeroduct Jet Starter Hose and Scuffer Jackets

These products harness the starter's power and deliver it at full pressure and temperature while compounded silicone rubber tubes withstand temperatures up to 555°F (a special 600°F version is also available). A polyester reinforcement is added for high-burst strength, dimensional stability, and flexibility.

MIL-DTL-6000C Oil and Coolant Hose

Designed to withstand oil, alcohol, coolant, fuel, water, and temperatures from -40° to 350°F, this product's oil-resistant tube is reinforced with a high strength, mildew-resistant yarn cover. It is also lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle, making it simple to install in hard-to-reach engine compartments.

Tuftex CD or Flexking DC Lavatory Dump Hoses

These products offer you maximum performance lavatory dump hoses. We can help you determine the hose that best suits your conditions and equipment.

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