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Sierracin-Harrison Hydraulic

Eaton (Stanley Aviation Sierracin-Harrison) offers a comprehensive line of hydraulic high pressure fittings for commercial and military fixed-wing aircraft, and also helicopters, satellites, and land vehicles.

Harrison Hydraulic Fitting

In 2003, Stanley Aviation completed the acquisition of the Harrison division of the Sierracin Corporation. Harrison does complete research, development, and production operation for high pressure hydraulic fittings, serving as a unique industrial resource in the manufacture of high technology products for such diverse markets as aircraft, missiles, satellites, and land vehicles.

Harrison is the only hydraulic fitting manufacture that designs and manufactures all types of swaged and welded fittings, and also manufactures and provides tooling that assures the proper installation of those fittings on all types of tubing. Herber Aircraft Service can supply you with internally and externally swaged hydraulic fitting and also the tooling that assures the proper installation of those fittings on all types of tubing.

Internally Swaged Hydraulic Fittings Harrison's internally swaged hydraulic fittings are mechanically fastened on the end of removable (non-permanent) tube assemblies. These tube assemblies are used in hydraulic and high-pressure pneumatic applications. Internal Swage fittings are attached to the end of tubes by either elastomeric or roller swaging and include sleeves, unions, nuts, and bulkheads. They come in 2-groove and 3-groove versions and can be manufactured from CRES, titanium, aluminum, and other exotic metals.

SierraSwage™ externally swaged hydraulic fittings are used in permanent applications to join two or more tube assemblies in similar systems. This type of fitting allows in-aircraft installation of straight "shape fittings" such as elbows and tees. The SierraSwage™ fittings are available in CRES, titanium, and aluminum and can attain sealing pressures of up to 5,000 psi.

Swage Tooling Herber can also provide a complete line of portable, semi-automatic, and fully automatic swage machines. Portable hand swage tools are used for tube repair, low-to-medium volume production of tube assemblies, and experimental/prototype operations. Semi-automatic and fully automatic swage machines are designed for high-volume manufacturing. They come housed in mobile steel carts that can attach fuel, hydraulic, and pneumatic fittings to CRES, aluminum or annealed titanium tubing in sizes from ¼ inch to 4 inches in diameter.

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