Industrial Aviation

The LORD Corporation is a leader in Vibration Isolator and Noise Attenuation technologies for a wide variety of industrial market segments. ISO shipping containers around the globe are protected by LORD's unique shock mounts. Herber Aircraft is your LORD distributor of choice for industrial aviation applications.

Shipping Container Mounts

LORD shipping container mounts are for fragile, valuable products needing predictable, low to medium-level protection. Shipping container mounts have excellent capacity for energy control, and they exhibit linear shear load deflection characteristics through a significant deflection range. Bonded elastomeric shipping container mounts are simple, versatile, economical, and easy to install.

These shipping container mounts consist of two metal plates with an elastomer bonded between them. The composition and configuration of the elastomer determines the static and dynamic properties of the part.

Sandwich Mounts

Flex-Bolt™ sandwich mounts by LORD have excellent capacity for energy control, making them ideal for protecting equipment and machinery against damaging vibration. They are economical, compact and lightweight, and easy to install. They are also maintenance-free.

Constructed with high-strength bonds and specially compounded elastomers, these mounts have high load-carrying capacity and long life. They are available in three size groups for varying applications: small, medium, and large. Small sandwich mounts are available in metric and standard (UNC) threads.

Shock Mounts

Adjacent control, sensitive instruments, and precision machines are protected from impact disturbances

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