For more than 43 years Flexfab® has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of hoses, ducts, flexible conductors, boots, and bellows for the aviation industry.

Herber Aircraft is the leader in delivering Flexfab products to you quickly with minimum effort on your part. Flexfab pioneered the use of silicone and other reinforced elastomeric hoses, ducts, and connectors for high-demand applications.

Herber is proud to represent the complete line of Flexfab products. Technical documentation for flexfab Catalog including datasheets, application notes, technical papers, instruction sheets can be found in our technical Library

Flexfab Lightweight Air Ducting

Because of its light weight and flexibility, this ducting is ideal for environmental control systems (ECS). Available off the shelf or as a custom order, Flexfab lightweight air ducting is offered in silicone or urethane. These materials ensure high resistance to hardening, cracking, stress, aging, and high temperatures.

Flexfab Insulfab

Flexfab Insulfab™ ground support ventilation ducting is recommended for heating applications that require minimal heat loss and air conditioning applications that require large volumes of low air pressure. Insulfab is flexible and lightweight and can be used as lead-off duct or elbow with flat duct.

Flexfab Lightweight Low-Pressure Hoses

Commonly used for aircraft environmental ducting, these hoses have either a one or two-ply silicone fiberglass sidewall and nylon wire-helix for reinforcement. These design features allow the hoses to maintain a circular cross section around bends. They also handle one-half psi negative and one psi positive pressures.

Flexfab Grey-Water Drain Hoses

These hoses are available in 3/8" interior diameter with a silicone fiberglass sidewall and wire-helix reinforcement so they maintain a circular cross section around bends. The hoses withstand flushing and cleaning pressures of up to 100 psi.

Flexfab Sleeves and Connectors

These products are used for connecting rigid primary supply environmental control ducting sections. Flexfab sleeves and connectors are available in 24" interior diameters with three plies of silicone fiberglass in the sidewalls. For extension and compression requirements, the sleeves and connectors come in straight and single-hump configurations.

Flexfab Mufflers/Silencers

Flexfab Mufflers/Silencers reduce air noise in environmental control systems. The mufflers/silencers are made of silicone with nylon cord reinforcement. For custom orders, Nomex® and other insulation materials are also available.

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