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Stanley Aviation Aurora

Herber offers products or tooling from four primary business areas of Stanley Aviation Aurora, now known as Eaton Aerospace Aurora:

  • Flexible Coupling including Gamah™ Fittings
  • Air Frame Tube and Ducting
  • Engine Build (EBU) and Bleed Air Ducting
  • Fluid Delivery Systems

Flexible Couplings

Stanley Aviation Aurora provides a variety of flexible couplings that are distributed by Herber Aircraft, including Eaton’s PositiveLok™, a complete line of threadless, or clamshell, couplings and the Gamah metal seal coupling.

  • Threadless Clamshell Couplings — The threadless, or clamshell coupling, has been an attractive flexible coupling alternative for aircraft for many years. Eaton Aerospace Aurora offers a complete line of clamshell couplings, including such innovations as very high conductivity features and a new safety latch mechanism.
  • PositiveLok Coupling — Eaton’s PositiveLok coupling is a cost-competitive solution that provides the strength and reliability of a threaded coupling, along with the easy installation of a quick disconnect. The coupling provides an audible and tactile response to proper installation. Final system inspection can be performed remotely and without tools.
  • Gamah Metal Seal Flexible Coupling — Flexible couplings have proven to be a safe and highly reliable means of attaching fluid-system tubes. The Gamah metal sealing concept is a unique design that provides high reliability and a long service life. The sealing effectiveness and adaptability of the metal seal coupling make it the ideal flexible coupling for a broad spectrum of pressure, temperature, and material requirements.

Air Frame Tube and Ducting

Stanley Aviation Aurora has vast experience as an industrial leader in the design, development, and manufacture of airframe tubing, ducting, and coupling systems for a wide variety of liquid and gaseous systems. The company has experience with fuel, environmental control, air, water, waste, oxygen, fuel-inerting (OBIGGS), fire extinguishing, thrust vectoring, oil, and life support systems. Herber Aircraft will help you identify and secure the airframe tube and ducting that matches your exact requirements.

Engine Build (EBU) and Bleed Air Ducting

Stanley Aviation Aurora has been designing and manufacturing ducting components for more than 30 years. High-temperature and high-pressure ducting, flexible and expansion joints, and values are designed and manufactured using nickel-based alloys, stainless steel, and titanium. For lower temperature systems, aluminum alloys are offered.

  • Metallic Ducts — Herber Aircraft provides ducting with all associated fittings such as flanges, brackets and instrument bosses, as well as high-duty bellows, sealed gimbal joints, and pressure-balanced joints produced from a range of materials including Inconel®, titanium, CRES steel, and aluminum. A range of insulating products is also offered
  • Gimbals — Bellows sealed gimbal joints are produced from a range of materials including Inconel, CRES, titanium, and aluminum. The fully welded construction provides lead-free operation for the life of the unit. Aluminum gimbals use a CRES or Titanium bellows with a proven sealing arrangement for "leak free" operation.
  • Pressure Balanced Joints (PBJ) — These joints offer a low–profile, weight-efficient solution to linear and rotary motion requirements in air distribution systems, airframes, engines, and nacelles. A choice of materials is available to satisfy a wide range of pressure and temperature requirements.
  • Flap and Poppet-Type Non-Return Valves — Flap-type non-return values are available in Inconel, CRES steel, titanium, aluminum, and non-metallic materials, satisfying all system requirements. Poppet-type non-return valves are spring loaded and have profiled valve bodies to maximize flow performanc.

Fluid Delivery Systems

Stanley Aviation Aurora provides outstanding fuel, ECS, EBU, and bleed air fluid delivery systems (FDS) for both military and commercial aerospace applications.

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