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Supplier of parts for aviation, military, and industrial applications.

  • Eaton distributor – value-added stocking distributor of Eaton Fluid and Electrical Distribution products.
  • Rapid supplier of Eaton hoses and harnesses, Rynglok products, LORD mounts, Marman clamps, Stanley Aviation products including Stanley Aurora and Sierracin-Harrison, Flexfab ducting and heater hoses, Thermoid hoses, Gamah couplings, Harrison hydraulic fittings, K-Seals, and many other fine products.

PT6a pump, aircraft engine mounts, shock vibration mounts

Herber Becomes Global Distributor of PT6A Fuel Pumps
August 10, 2015 EL SEGUNDO, Calif.
– Herber Aircraft is now a global distributor of Eaton PT6A fuel pumps, formerly Argo-Tech.


LORD Corporation names Herber Aircraft Distributor of the Year for 2014
September 30, 2014 EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – LORD Corporation has named Herber Aircraft as its top distributor, recognizing the company with the 2014 Distributor of the Year award.



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