Aircraft Hoses

Hose Services Guaranteed to Keep You Flying

Whether you are an industry giant or a smaller company on the way up, Herber will help keep your aircraft in the air. We guarantee fast and accurate hose assembly services to meet your responsibilities to the FAA, OEM, and your customers. Our hose program lets you:

  • Talk to a trained sales and service representative whose goal is to answer your questions immediately, and fill your order quickly;
  • Send in your old aircraft hoses (just put them in a bag, and we’ll sort them — no part numbers required) to be exchanged for new ones with new fittings, or to be rebuilt with new hoses using your existing, reusable fittings;
  • Call us with part numbers or a physical description of needed hoses; we'll expedite shipping if you need it;
  • Take advantage of our 24-hour AOG service;
  • Use our Herber Express Service to have your wheels up in no time.

Brand-Certified Eaton Aeroquip Hoses

Herber Aircraft is the premier Eaton Aeroquip® brand-approved shop for aerospace hoses. Certified by Eaton, we produce or rework all factory products, including fuel, oil, and hydraulic assemblies. We also supply rubber and Teflon® hoses, fire sleeves, chafe guards, fittings, quick-disconnect couplings, flanges, and clamps.

Herber is also your ground service specialist. We service ground support systems with starter hoses, hydraulic hoses and fittings, adapters, and hose assemblies. Herber is dedicated to providing the finest, fastest hose replacement and supply services for the aerospace and industrial markets. We offer a vast component inventory, same-day turnaround, and unparalleled customer service, and we meet all Eaton and FAA requirements.

FAA/EASA-Approved Repair Station

Herber Aircraft Service is a FAA/EASA-approved repair station (GS3R538L/EASA.145.4526). Our repair station personnel are trained, certified, and licensed. We have a full complement of licensed repairmen and Designated Manufacturing Inspections Representatives (DMIRs) on staff to ensure the work is done to the highest standards. All required documentation and certification is provided. Tools and gauges are maintained and calibrated in accordance with ISO100012-1 (superceded MIL-STD-45662A) requirements and are NIST traceable.

Herber Hose Program
Teflon Hose with Integral Silicon Firesleeve

Engineering Bulletins
Rubber Hoses
AE401 Silicone Hose
AE501 Hose w Chafe Guard
AE701 Hose w Reusable Fittings
Rubber Hose Fittings & Assy Cat.
Synthetic Rubber Hose Cat.

Teflon Hoses
666 Aluminum Fittings
666 Crimp Fittings
666 Reusable Fittings
AE246 Hi Pressure Hose Crimp
AE246 Hi Pressure Hose Reusable
AE313 Spiral Reinf Hose
AE318 Wire Braid Hose
AE645 Teflon Hose
Brown Silicone Firesleeve Hose
Convoluted Teflon Hose
Polyester Chafe Guard Hose
Teflon Hose with Integral Silicon Firesleeve

Other Hose Products
AE272 Flexwrap Firesleeve
AE291 Water Hose
AE379 Refrigerant Hose
Break-away Fitting
Kevlar Hose Assemblies
Protective Sleeving

Eaton Aeroquip hoses and Herber blue Teflon aircraft hoses
Eaton Aeroquip hoses and Herber blue Teflon™ hoses

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