Clamps, V-Bands and Flanges (Marman, Grimes, Janitrol)

Clamp offerings include V-band couplings, band clamps, strap assemblies, joints, flanges, and gaskets. These products are available in a wide selection of sizes and configurations, and with single or multiple latch couplings. In addition, brackets and attachments are available in channel-band or flexible coupling joints, in machined and sheet flanges, and with standard quick-disconnect and custom clamps.

Marman Clamp

We offer the Marman clamp, a heavy-duty band clamp, as an easy-to-disconnect connector in flexible fuel lines and other hoses. The Marman clamp has a quick couple latch design.

Eaton Aeroquip brochure

Engineering Bulletins
AA29 - Aircraft Band Clamps
AA33 - Stainless Steel Straps
AEB195 - J13 and WJ13 Gasketless Tube Joints
AEB197A - ConosealTM Joints, Fittings and ConomateTM Couplings
AEB201 - Exhaust Clamps
AEB211 - LJ11 and J11 Joints
DS100-6_Exhaust Clamps
TF100-26_Aircraft Band Clamps
TF100-27_Stainless Steel Straps
TF100-28_J13_and_WJ13Gasketless Tube joints-11-1-06
TF100-30_LJ11 and J11 Joints
TF100-32_Std Tube Size and Variable Dia V-Band Coupling

Marman clamp
Variety of clamps

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