Eaton Couplings

Eaton Aerospace is a leader in couplings, with a long history of quality products.  They offer a wide range of couplings, including:

  • Aeroquip brand Low Profile Ratchet Lock Couplings, which are lightweight, self-sealing, of compact design and with low pressure loss;
  • Aeroquip brand Ultra-Mate Couplings, the ultimate in push-pull couplings.  They include self-seal, self-locking couplings, automatic pull-home valve sleeves, tactile locking pins, and vacuum to 5000 psi;
  • Aeroquip brand Quick Disconnect Couplings with positive valve operation and a no-spray no-spill design.
Engineering Bulletins
AA40 - 3900 Series Quick-Disconnect Coupling
AA41 - Low Profile Push-Pull Quick-Disconnect Coupling
AA45 - 1800-1801 Series Coupling
AA217 - 145/155 Series Self-Sealing Ground Support Coupling
AEB64 - 155-145 Series Hydraulic Self-Sealing Coupling
AEB65 - 3200 Series Coupling C
AEB189 - Self Sealing Coupling for Modular Hydraulic Systems
AEB238A - Light weight Low Profile Self Sealing Coupling
AEB256 - Break-away Coupling
TF100-5A - Ultra-Mate Coupling
TF100-7 - 1800-1801 Series Low Profile Ratchet Lock Coupling
TF100-32_Std Tube Size and Variable Dia V-Band Coupling

Eaton coupling
Eaton Coupling

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