PerkinElmer Seals

Herber is a supplier of PerkinElmer legacy products which include Eaton Mechanical Seals, Joints, and Bellows.

Mechanical Seals

Seals prevent the leakage of a gas or liquid. Eaton seals are divided into three different categories.

Static Seals: Used between surfaces which have little or no movement relative to one another.

Dynamic Seals: Used between surfaces that have relative movement, i.e. the movement of the shaft relative to a housing.

Semi-Static Seals: These fall in between the categories of Static Seals and Dynamic Seals. They are designed to accommodate the limited movement of the surfaces being sealed, i.e. due to pressure and/or thermal cycling.

Centurion ™ Brand Seals

700 Series Mechanical Seals
Face-Type Seals
800 Series Mechanical Seals
1200 Series Circumferential Segmented Seals
1900 Series Brush Seals
1300 Series Clearance Seals


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PerkinElmer products

Perkin Elmer seals

PerkinElmer Seals

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